Summer flights

What possibilities are offered in summer?


What possibilities are offered in summer?


Classic | Panorama Flights

Our classics. Difference between the classic and panoramic flights lies purely at the altitude difference. The "XL" stands for the maximum starting altitude of the respective route. Options such as thermal flight, flight extension etc. can be booked at any time in the route.

Burg | Versettla | Nova Stoba - Gaschurn - Partenen

  • High Difference: 1158hm / 1036hm
  • Flight Duration: 13 - 15min (L) 15 - 20min (XL)
  • Time required: 40 - 60min
  • Special feature: ideal for the first attempt, great panorama, running passage at (XL) up to 15min
  • Option bookable: Thermik Flugverlängerung, VIP: Sunset | Sunrise | 3 Mountains Cross Country

Hochjoch | Sennigrad | Wormserhütte | Schruns - Tschagguns

  • High Difference: 1607hm / 1158hm
  • Flight Duration: 15 - 25min (L) 20 - 25min (XL)
  • Time required: 1 - 2 Stunden
  • Special feature: fascinating view, longest flight route, running passage at (L) to 20min
  • Option bookable: Thermik Flugverlängerung, VIP; Sunset | 3 mountains Cross Country


Book this flight if you're looking for something special!

SUNSET Paragliding tandem flight: Enjoy the last rays of the sun with us on the mountain and experience the magic of the mountains when the day is coming to an end. Start with us before the "Sunset" and slide down into the valley in tandem. The cool air the view and the sunset during the flight will enchant you. These flights are also suitable for couples. You can not enjoy an experience better.

CROSS-COUNTRY: The royal class of thermal flying. We fly over a longer period of time and overcome a greater altitude and range. This flight option will recommend people who are looking for the ultimate Adrenalinkick. Best for passengers who have already completed a tandem flight. The thermal can reach us up to over 3000N.N. With upwards. A weak stomach would be wrong :-)

3-MOUNTAIN FLIGHTS: You can take 3 tandem flights in one day, we use different mountain runs and flies from different starting places. We would like to recommend this flight option to people who want to fly a day of the passion of flying. The detailed explanation of the technology, the total flight time, the different starting places and the possibility to experience more time in the air, is particularly suitable for passengers who want to start the paragliding as a hobby. Here we can also enter the passenger individually.

The special feature of this variant is to be sure to experience the different flight mountains and the varied panorama. The day starts with a morning flight at 8:30 am. The two other flights are then completed depending on the weather during the day.

Options (bookable)

Thermal expansion:

Any Classic or Panorama flight as well as the 3-MOUNTAIN FLIGHT can be extended by thermals. Since the thermal is dependent on the day, it can not be booked in advance. Only on the flight day or in part even during the flight can this extension be booked. This "OPTION" applies when the flight has been extended by 10min thermal. (= Flight extension to the specified flight time of the route)


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